When we first heard about Nike's release of a shoe called "Fury", we were a bit skeptical. Inspired by the success of the Nike Greco, the Nike Fury is a modern version. Having helped many wrestlers win games for years, Greco was one of Nike's best shoes. Known for its traction, soft comfort and bright colors.

The new Fury is made for today's wrestler who wants the best in comfort and minimalism. The upper is made of a single layer mesh upper to keep your feet completely dry and helps keep it light. With suede overlays, it is well reinforced and padded. It is also extremely comfortable and durable. The mesh tongue is complemented by the famous lace pocket from Nike which is both functional and elegant. The solid rubber sole allows the Fury to gain propulsion, in all postures and without any slip. With a minimalist design, they can adapt to the colors or the needs of all athletes. The Nike Fury is really designed to live up to its name, whether it dominates the training room or wins in competition, no doubt that you will put all the chances on your side for the future deadlines.


  • Nike wrestling shoes are slightly smaller than your usual shoe size. (ex: if you usually wear 41, you may need 42 in a Nike wrestling shoes).

    For optimal comfort, measure your foot in centimeters and refer to the table in the size guide on the shoe page.

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